How do you start a blog in 6 easy steps?

I never wrote anything, I can’t even write What is the method of writing?. How do you write On what title should I write? How to write for blogging (start a blog in 6 easy steps).

If you want to start blogging after reading my previous blog Make Money. Through Blogging but such thoughts and questions are bothering you. you then don’t worry, because today’s post How to write a blog is very useful for you Will prove.

How to write a blog In today’s blog I will give you six tips on how to start writing.

The first thing is that no human being comes into this world after learning everything. Every human being learns and moves forward with time.

The passion and interest in learning increase the speed of your learning. So in today’s blog on how to write a blog, here are six tips that will be presented to you.

  1. Collect ideas
  2. Select one
  3. Start writing your own
  4. Optimize content
  5. Pay close attention to the title “Headline”
  6. Add pictures

1. Collect ideas

Research has shown that about 6,000 thoughts circulate in the human mind in a day. Each thought that comes to our mind can be a topic on which to write or say something.

But not every idea is worth expressing or needing. So the first thing you need to do is gather the ideas you can think of to write about.

1. Collect ideas - Eazi Blogging
1. Collect ideas – Eazi Blogging

Every human being has a lot of information about different things. So, first of all, you have to choose the areas of your liking and hobbies about which you have some knowledge.

For example, you may have a good knowledge of sports, you may be interested in computer coding, you may have won a painting competition many times, and you may also like gardening.

So this means that the above four or five sections are somehow connected with your caste. Write these sections down on a piece of paper and move on.

2. Select one

Now it’s your turn to choose one of these four or five categories (start a blog in 6 easy steps). Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which topic to choose for regular blogging.

The first thing you need to do is choose a field that you know a lot about.

2. Select one - Eazi Blogging
2. Select one – Eazi Blogging

The second thing is to choose a field in which you can teach and explain something to the people by writing, that is, not only to teach people your blog but also to explain and teach them something through this blog in their practical life.

Come in handy For example, if you start writing poetry, how will it benefit anyone? But if you start writing about teaching poetry, etc., it will also benefit people. That is, we write what adds value to one’s life.

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3. Start writing

You’ve checked and chosen a title for yourself, now is the time to write your first post. First of all, make a sketch of what you have to write. The sketch could be something like this.

  • Introduction

  • the aim

  • Information

  • Abstract

Here is a brief outline of what you need to write. First of all, let your readers know that you will find it in this article today. Then tell the reader what the “purpose” is, why you think it should be talked about.

Then “information” is what you want to convey to your readers. Then summarize your entire text in a few sentences. When writing, keep in mind that right or wrong, you just write.

3. Start writing - Eazi Blogging
3. Start writing – Eazi Blogging

If you write from the heart, it will reach the heart as Iqbal had said

  • What comes out of the guts has an impact
  • But power does not fly, but it does

So devour a pen and paper and begin writing.

4. Content Optimization

Once you’ve written the whole thing, you can edit it, read it again, read it many times, and read it from your reader’s point of view. In other words, read what would have happened if this writing had belonged to someone else and suddenly came in front of you.

4. Content Optimization - Eazi Blogging
4. Content Optimization – Eazi Blogging

Does your writing impress you? If you feel hollow in your own writing and you don’t feel the connection between the ideas in the sentences, it means that your reader will feel the same way. So what do you do now? Come closer! Tell me Rewrite. Yes, keep writing and deleting until your writing is impressive to you.

Whether a word has to be deleted, whether a sentence or a whole paragraph. Delete Write again. Also, get a check from a senior. One thing to keep in mind is that you must include a teacher, a mentor, a mentor, and a tutor in your life. The one who has no teacher is the devil.

5. Focus on the headline “Main Title”

One of the most important things in blogging is the title of your blog. This is the first thing that a reader will click on your blog and then continue reading.

5. Focus on the headline "Main Title" - Eazi Blogging
5. Focus on the headline “Main Title” – Eazi Blogging

When it comes to the YouTube channel, the “thumbnail” of your video is very important because your video is clicked just by looking at this image, but in the blog, since the “thumbnail” issue is not much So the title of your blog is what will make the reader read your blog.

There are three things to keep in mind when it comes to titles

  • The title should be interesting to you
  • A title with a good SEO score
  • A title that people search for

6. Add pictures

Blank text without a picture is like Coca-Cola without ice (start a blog in 6 easy steps). It is said that “a picture is healthier than one thousand words.”

The use of images in your blog adds to the beauty of your blog, but it also requires that the image be relevant to your content. That is, the same message that is present in your writing should be felt by looking at the picture.

6. Add pictures - Eazi Blogging
6. Add pictures – Eazi Blogging

Similarly, adding images to your blog also gives you a chance to get traffic from search engines, but your image must be optimized (start a blog in 6 easy steps).

I will share this method with you later in the YouTube blogging course (start a blog in 6 easy steps). Today is the age of “social media”, another great blog about me on social media.

how to take advantage of social media, they can also read, instead of writing, image content gets more sharing on social media, if your blog If you use images, your chances of sharing your blog may increase.

Here are some basic things you can do to start blogging. The rest of the practical things that are hard to explain here will be uploaded on my YouTube channel. Will be explained in detail. Take care, thank you very much

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