How to make money with a blog in 2021?

Is it really possible to make money just by writing?, What do we have to write to make money? (make money with a blog).

Does writing in Urdu also earn money?. What is the way to make money by writing?. If you are a writer and such questions keep running through your mind then today’s article Make Money Through Blogging will be very useful for you.

 Make money with a blog

You can also read the article I wrote yesterday on how to take advantage of social media. so that you have an idea of what you can do. Make Money Through Our Today’s Article Blogging.

I will teach you how you can make money from your blog. if you create your own blog and start writing on it. Well, there are many ways to make money through today’s blogging.

But I will tell you five great ways that you can make money through blogging yourself. And further, teach people that through blogging Make money Another important point.

Before moving on and that is that blogging is a very wide field in which you have a lot to learn. but if you pay attention you can learn blogging completely in a maximum of fifteen days.

What is a blog?

How is a blog created? How is the theme downloaded? How is a domain purchased?. How is research done for writing? What is the style of writing? What is the title?.

Can you write in Urdu? How is the font installed? How to do blog and blog post SEO?. How is Google indexing the blog? How is interlinking done? How are backlinks created?. How to put a photo and video in writing? How are writing options applied?.

That means you have to learn many small things like this. And the funny thing is that I have learned all this in just four days, so you can also learn all this about blogging.

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Make Money Through Our Today’s Blogging Article, will tell you about the following ways to make money from your blog.

  1. Advertising

  2. E-book sales

  3. Affiliate Marketing

  4. Advertising sales

  5. Sales of personal products

1. Advertising

When it comes to making money on the internet, this is a great way to run an ad. When it comes to running an ad on a blog, there are countless possibilities.

You can choose ads that match your title. The most popular choice for online advertising is “Google AdSense“. Also, “Infolinx” is a great choice for you to run ads on your blog.

1. Advertising - Eazi Blogging
1. Advertising – Eazi Blogging

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is also called “cast-per-click”. which is the most popular model of online advertising. under which a blogger gets paid when a reader clicks on an ad on his blog.

2. E-book sales

What you have learned so far in your life, any special knowledge, any special skill. you can write this learned material in writing and make an e-book of it.

An e-book means an electronic book, a book that is available online. You do not need a large sum of money to publish it, nor do you need to go to a publisher.

2. E-book sales - Eazi Blogging
2. E-book sales – Eazi Blogging

An e-book should explain the steps and the solution to a particular problem or teaches. you to do something so that your readers can do something practical by reading it.

If you keep writing about cooking, you can write an e-book that explains how to cook particularly tasty vegetables.

An e-book needs to be detailed, colorful, and interestingly written.

You can also place a price on this book and run an advertisement on this book by providing a free download link.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means “online commission agent”. You advertise the products and services of different companies on your blog and sell them. In return, you get commission money.

If the traffic to your blog is high, you are likely to get more commissions and fewer visitors.

If you choose affiliate marketing to make money, it is important to choose a profitable and useful marketing platform.

3. Affiliate Marketing - Eazi Blogging
3. Affiliate Marketing – Eazi Blogging

“Amazon Associates” and “Share & Sell” are common examples.

You choose a sub-section of the same nash (title) ie “micro nash” in which you can demonstrate your expertise.

And then become part of an affiliate marketing program with companies that sell related products.

4. Advertising sales

If the number of visitors to your blog has increased significantly and thousands of people visit your blog in a day. you can start a “Advertise with Us” program on your blog.

4. Advertising sales - Eazi Blogging
4. Advertising sales – Eazi Blogging


You can also write Google’s range of blogs and blog traffic (the number of visitors to your site on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis) to attract advertisers.

CPM Cost Per Impression Advertising Networks

Impressions here refer to the number of visitors, who visit a particular ad page, whether they click or not. “CPM” is usually paid per thousand impressions.

5. Sales of personal products

This is also possible if you are interested in business and want to sell your products online. Fortunately, there are some plugins for online payments, that you can use to create an “eCommerce” section on your blog.

5. Sales of personal products - Eazi Blogging
5. Sales of personal products – Eazi Blogging

Let me give you a practical example.

Suppose you start a blog site about cooking. When you have a large number of loyal readers, you can sell various food-related products through your blog.

Like a cookbook, branded cutlery, various cooking utensils, and even a kitchen apron.

The last letter

Make Money Through Blogging By reading today’s blog, you may have realized that there are many interesting options.

when it comes to making money from blogging. All you have to do is create an informative and useful blog and then promote it as much as possible.

Once your blog has a good readership, increases its popularity, and builds credibility. you can start making money from it.

Everything else about blogging will be shared with you later in the form of text or videos. How do you like today’s blog? I will tell you in the comments. Take care, thank you.

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