What are the most profitable skills?

The thing with which the “first” is attached has a special place in itself (the most profitable skills). Then whether it is the first Mujtaba, the first child, or the first earning.

If you have earned something through your skill on your own, then you will always remember that first earning of your life.

 How to make money with your skills

1. Write down your skills

2. Preparing a proposal

3. Marketing

In today’s blog “How to make money with your skills” I will tell you a practical brand new true story as well as three ways you can use your skills to make money. So first of all let me tell you that story.

Through social media, I found a guy who was very interested in activities like “writing, editing, proofreading, article writing, e-book making”.

A lot of people used to write comments, edit them and make e-books, so I found out that he does all this work in me. This was not appropriate for me, I encouraged you to use your skills for free instead of sharing your free time.

When they advocated that they were willing to use their skills to make money, then I guided them. And thank God he earned more than “five thousand” as his first earnings, and now this series will go further inshallah.

Their services are as follows. If you want to get any service, you can contact.  Here are four key pointers in moving your skills forward.

There are hundreds of people around us, including us, who have some of the other skills but do not consider making that skill a means of making money.

Remember! No skill is of any use unless it is made salable. So try and find ways to use your skills to make money and take advantage.

1. Write down your skills

The first step is to write down your specific skills to get an idea of what skills you really have. Well, there are a lot of things that go through our minds and make us think, “We know, we know, we understand,” but when you write it, then you realize whether this thing really comes to me or not.

Write down your skills - Eazi Blogging
Write down your skills – Eazi Blogging

You may have two or three skills, but you may not have the same skills in these different skills. So you have to write your skills on paper in such a way that the skill in which you are fully proficient is at the top then less than and then less.

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2. Preparing a proposal

First, you look at your skills and decide that I have to sell some of my services related to this skill. now is the time to put this content into a proposal by editing it beautifully (the most profitable skills).

Now you have to choose a “brand name” for yourself and then write a short paragraph about your services(the most profitable skills).

Preparing a proposal - Eazi blogging
Preparing a proposal – Eazi blogging

By reading it, one can fully understand that this institution belongs to such and such a thing. Now you have to write your services one by one. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article and you will find that you can do it right. Finally, you can write your number or e-mail, etc.

3. Marketing

You have assessed your skills, you have prepared a proposal, now you have to market your proposal thoroughly. You can upload it to your Facebook account, share it in your work-related Facebook groups, create a “broadcast” inside WhatsApp and send it there.

As well as create an account on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can also advertise and use “Facebook Ads” to reach specific markets (the most profitable skills).

Marketing - Eazi Blogging
Marketing – Eazi Blogging

People will contact you after seeing your proposal and then you have to guide them further. The bottom line is that making money requires a certain kind of mindset, listening to audio about money, watching videos and reading books, articles, etc. You understand the science of money and you slowly start to move forward.

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